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Welcome ! The name  Mothering Joy was born as reminder to return home, to our first home, our bodies, our spirit. A forever evolving space to feel, express and receive community resources and support through the healing arts  . 


Mothering Joy, a play on words to Mother Our Joy in our lives. My middle name is Joy. The name Joy is a namesake connected to my maternal line, another reminder I'm breaking generational patterns and traumas by showing up for myself and continuously mothering my womb.


Through the birth of my daughter and essentially through rebirthing myself, ignited a fire within my spirit to dive into birth work. I approach birth in the lens it's a natural physiological sacred process happening in our bodies. A portal and initiation to connect to the depths of you. I support all ways of birthing and birthing places. Understanding the real history in the USA around maternal health, is essential to know how to move forward. I believe it's extremely important to support individuals and grass root organizations fighting to end the crisis on maternal health, in this city and country. Please take a moment to visit the resource page to find more information and ways to support, take action and donate. 

Birth, death and all the moments in between are ceremonies, and my path has led me to hold space for all life's transitions. I believe in inclusivity for all people regardless of your gender, ethnicity, religion or social/economic status. My intention and hope is to help create an "opening" to access all the knowledge, creativity and strengthen that's already deep inside of you!  I currently reside in Bronx, NY with my family. I work as a full spectrum birth worker, reiki practitioner, multi-disciplinary artist, lactation consultant, birth art mentor and kundalini yoga instructor in all surrounding boroughs, parts of NJ and CT.

With Gratitude, 

Katie Joy, Mama Joy, Mother Raine, Dyal Chand

Education ~ Experience ~ Certifications 
2014 B.A. in Psychology -New Jersey City University
2014 Cofounder of Creative House and Variety Shop -Degrees of 360 
2017 Birth Doula Training Carriage House Birth Brooklyn 
2018 Comfort Touch Doula with Yiska Obadia 
2018 Certified Reiki Level Two - MINKA Brooklyn 
2018 Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training- MAHA MAMA NYC
2019 Certified Lactation Counselor- Birthday Presence Brooklyn 
2019 Hypno Doula Training. The Mongan Method with Paula Aji
2019 Trauma Informed Practitioner with  Rachel Aedan 
2020 Medical Intuition with Aki H Baker and Manu Del Prete
2020 Birth Art Mentor - Birthing From Within 
2020 Supporting  LGBTQIA+ Families in Birth and Postpartum with Morgane Richardson 
2020 Grandma Hands Pregnancy and Postpartum Herbs & Nutrition in the Southern Tradition with Divine Birth Wisdom
2020 The Reasoning Doula Mentorship with Chanel Porchia-Albert
2020 Supporting Loss as a Doula with Jill Schock 
2020 Loving, Dying and Letting Go - The Institute for The Study of Birth, Breath and Death 
2020 Matriz y Concha - Indigescuela with Panquetzani 
2021 Postpartum Belly Binding with Partera, Tema Mercado 

2021 Birth Assistant Training with Nubia Earth Martin 
2021 Skills and Drills for Birth Assistant with  Nubia Earth Martin 
2023- Kundalini Raj Life Course Teacher Training with Si
ri Rishi Kaur
2023- Birth Wisdom and Quantum Birth Keeping with Whapio 
2023- Neonatal Resuscitation Training with Karen Strange 
2024 - Reiki III Master Training with Manu Del Prete and Aki Baker 

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