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Complimentary 30 minute consultation

via phone or video.

Prenatal Services

  • Providing emotional, physical, and mental support during the perinatal time.

  • After agreement signing full availability for questions, resources, and general support.

  • Unlimited phone/text/email contact.


  • Additional check-in and prenatal sessions offered via Zoom to prepare/review birth   preferences, comfort measures, coping techniques, expectations, advocacy,

      postpartum, and newborn care.

  • On-call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks of pregnancy until birth.

  • Early labor: support via phone/text/zoom, in-home support, and assistance transfer to birthing location.  

  • Continuous support with comfort measures, relaxation techniques, self-advocacy and guidance for additional support person if needed.

  • In home support continuously for home births. 

  • Postnatal support available following weeks from birth via zoom, phone, email support.


 Postpartum Services

  • Providing support with newborn care, baby wearing, lactation, feeding, processing from birth experience. 

  • Support offered via zoom, text, phone call and email. 

  • Additional add on support available for the fourth trimester 

  • In home support with meal planning, prepping and cooking. 

  • Establishing self care rituals like herbal bath and sitz baths

  • Light cleaning and organizing

  • Hold space for protective rest and restoration

  • Traditional belly binding taught by Partera, Tema Mercado

  • I'm available in the future and feel it's deeply important to have continuous support through and past the fourth trimester. 

  • Overnights available upon request.  

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