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Community Resources 

Call to Action

Help Family Relocate Emergency move to heal and restore for the entire family. This is my dear friend and community member!


Postpartum Support for New Mama and Baby

Kalma's Go fundme Kalma was a friend and single mother in our community who recently transitioned, funds will go towards support her son Nile. 

Gathering Grounds Midwifery Birth Cottage 

Support Birth Sanctuary in Gainesville 

Community Midwifery Bill 

 The Birth Center Equity Fund. This fund supports women-of-color owned and led birth centers. There’s only 9 out of 350+ women-of-color owned birth centers in the US. 

Legislative Letter to Support Womb Bus 

Amber Rose Issac Home Birth Scholarship  is dedicated to making Home Birth safe, sacred and accessible to those who need it the most in honor of Amber Rose Issac's Legacy.


Grieving Family Act 


Free Services

Affordable Housing Resources NYC 

Just Birth Space 

Supports pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Always free always virtual 

La Leche League of NY 


The Bridge Project

We're giving new mothers across New York City up to $1000 every month for three years, no strings attached. 


National Maternal Mental Health Hotline

The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline can help. Call or text 1-833-943-5746 (1-833-9-HELP4MOMS)

NYC Doula Initiative  

Birth Support in specific boroughs for those at need the most.

Reproductive Justice

- Donate - Support - Uplift - Get involved.

(Organizations & Individuals in alphabetical order, not a complete list)

Additional Resources 

Abortion/ Releasing Pregnancy 


NY Home Birth 

Placenta encapsulation 

Pre - eclampsia warning signs 

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