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 Support grassroots organizations working towards Reproductive Justice. 


"seeks to eliminate the systemic flaws within maternal health care. We want answers. We want change. We seek justice in honor of the women that are no longer with us, and those that are in fear of suffering the same fate. We want more black mothers to hold and love their babies."

"to support individuals, families and communities who experience the devastating Aftershock associated with maternal/infant morbidity and mortality. ARIAH provides mental, physical emotional and/or spiritual assistance to support the affected families as they navigate the impact of these traumatic experiences." 

"Black Mamas and the people who care for them deserve to have their humanity recognized. #ListenToMeNow is here to tell the truth about what parents, providers, family members, and communities are experiencing."

"At Ancient Song Doula Services we focus on the whole and not the parts. Through community, advocacy, reproductive/birth justice and education we aim to tackle some of the issues effecting communities of color."

"#DoulaChronicles focuses on holistic uterine health and reproductive care by creating easier access of reproductive and pregnancy education for people of color. Our lives matter from birth."

"The Birthing Place is a Center for Health, Wellness & Family, which will have three components: the Learning Center, the Wellness Center, and the Birth Center! (coming soon!) Help manifest this necessary option by donating to The Birth Center Equity Fund. This fund supports women-of-color owned and led birth centers. There’s only 9 out of 350+ women-of-color owned birth centers in the US."

"Bx (Re)Birth and Progress seeks to build alternate solutions outside of the system that protect and honor birthing people in the Bronx and their families.We center Black people in our vision to see ourselves free of systemic inequities by invoking the self-determination of past civil rights leaders." ​

"Is a non-profit organization, steeped in education & empowerment." Offering Traditional Midwifery Services, Childbirth Education, Lactation Support Groups, Doula Services. " Our vision is to empower and create strong families, communities, and societies, that know their bodies, know their choices and know their voice."​​

"VBI is committed to universal health equity for all families by eliminating the impact of racism and systemic oppression on perinatal outcomes. A community-based organization dedicated to improving outcomes in maternal child health while seeking reproductive justice for families facing inequities in the childbearing year."

"The Arch App provides direct access to someone like me (doula/provider), who can answer questions, provide resources, support you in your decisions, guide and provide information to support you from pre-pregnancy through post birth and beyond." Founder Te-Ana Souffrant Full Spectrum Doula

"At Ashe Birthing Services, we create a balance between evidence-based research and ancestral practices. This allows us to offer families a unique individual experience that is often missing in mainstream maternal care."

" Black Mamas Matter Alliance is a Black women-led cross-sectoral alliance. We center Black mamas to advocate, drive research, build power, and shift culture for Black maternal health, rights, and justice."

"Our mission is to inspire change in maternal child health care systems worldwide; to re-empower the birthing mother, father, family and community by supporting the providers, practitioners and agencies that are charged with their care."

"NBEC creates solutions that optimize Black maternal and infant health through training, policy advocacy, research, and community-centered collaboration."

"A collective of African-American, African, Caribbean and multiracial women who are committed to transforming birthing experiences for Black women and transfolks. Our vision is that that every pregnant person should have an empowering birthing experience, free of unnecessary medical interventions. "

"ROOTT is a Black women-led reproductive justice organization dedicated to collectively restoring our well-being through self-determination, collaboration, and resources to meet the needs of women and families within communities."

"We train and organize midwives to serve as advocates to address disparities in maternal health care that impact black birthing people. Our central goal is to have a representative voice at the national level that clearly outlines and supports the various needs and interests of Black midwives. "


"SisterSong’s mission is to strengthen and amplify the collective voices of indigenous women and women of color to achieve reproductive justice by eradicating reproductive oppression and securing human rights."

Every Mother Counts/ Birth Justice Now Birth Justice Now  " BirthJusticeNow Leaders, organizations, and allies in the birth and reproductive justice movements are calling for accountability, birth justice and legal guarantees for safe, respectful anti-racist care."

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