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“Choosing Katie as our doula was easily the best decision of my pregnancy. From our very first consultation, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders—her calming energy, empathetic listening, and knowledgeable guidance turned my anxiety about childbirth into excitement and confidence. My husband and I so looked forward to her prenatal visits, which each extended to around 3 hours; Katie always made us feel like she had all of the time in the world for us. Throughout my third trimester, she checked in regularly and responded right away to my questions and concerns with compassion and tons of helpful resources. 

When it came time to deliver, Katie was by my side in the hospital room within 30 minutes—even though it was 2am and I had told her just a few hours earlier that I probably wouldn’t need her until morning. She then stayed with us, with astounding patience and energy, for the next 21 hours straight. Without her massages, maneuvering, encouragement, and advice, I truly do not think I would have had the successful vaginal delivery I wanted. She was amazing and essential.

I also love how Katie always came stocked with supplies: to our prenatal visits, with sheets illustrating different pushing positions; to the hospital, with LED candles that made the delivery room feel magical; and to our postnatal visit, with homemade lactation snacks and a jar full of healing herbs and petals to use for soaking. She just went above and beyond every time.

A few moments after our daughter was born, I turned to Katie and sincerely told her that I loved her. I still feel that way. She is a 
beautiful human and an extraordinary doula, and my husband and I both feel incredibly lucky to have shared this experience with her.”


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