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Reiki is an ancient healing practice. Rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800s in Japan.  Reiki II attuned from Aki Baker and Manu del Prete at MINKA BROOKLYN. Reiki is a technique working with the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Energy work has been known to help with stress, relaxing the body, releasing tension, returning to homeostasis. 

1:1 In person sessions 60 mins For ages 0 - 100+

Distant Reiki available 

Birth Art Processing 

Birth Art is a practice of embodied learning; A way to come back into the body through art and journaling. Taught and adapted from Birthing From Within. 


An active and gentle exploration process to bring forth overlooked resources and strengths to conscious awareness. While drawing about a topic, people feel rather than just think about what it means. Their focus shifts and their learning becomes personal and embodied. The brain shifts into a more primitive way of thinking. 

1:1 and group in person sessions available 

1:1 and group online sessions available 

Upcoming birth art processing group coming soon!


Kundalini Yoga 

It is the most creative energy living within each human being. Kundalini Yoga is an  ancient technology, known as the yoga of awareness. The natural unfolding of your very own nature. Tapping into your truest most intuitive self. In the studies of Kundalini Yoga, it's threefold structure body, mind and soul. Completed Kundalini Raj Life Teacher Training with Siri Rishi Kaur at

Temple 143. Dyal Chand, is my Kundalini spiritual name which means one who's kind and compassionate self walk in light of the beautiful moon. If we allow ourselves we can connect to the moon,  and to all elements, as an aid to help deepen our connection to our own internal and external cycles.

Every fourth Tuesday : Summer Months meeting at Penisula in Prospect Park

for Meditation/Art circle all ages welcome. For more information check events page. 

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