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Birth Art Mentor 

Birth Art is a practice of embodied learning; A way to come back into the body through art and journaling. Taught and adapted from Birthing From Within. 


An active and gentle exploration process to bring forth overlooked resources and strengths to conscious awareness. While drawing about a topic, people feel rather than just think about what it means. Their focus shifts and their learning becomes personal and embodied. The brain shifts into a more primitive way of thinking. 

Birth Art does not have to be pretty, colorful or carefully planned. The process can be fun and enjoyable. While that is not the point, it is relevant. On the other hand, even when it is a bit challenging to do something unfamiliar, it is preparation for being in the unknown. It's as raw, honest and spontaneous as birth itself.

Birth art cannot be done "wrong" as it is personal and subjective.

No prior training in art is necessary !

 Current Offerings 

45-60 mins sessions 

1:1 Sessions Virtually

1:1 Sessions in Prospect Park with social distancing protocols 

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