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Bereavement Support

Releasing Pregnancy (Abortion)


Late Term Loss 

Still Birth 

  • 1 : 1 in person or virtual support through video, phone and email communications. Holding space to process and nurture the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states . Individualized care each session varies and can be a combination of meditation, breath work, discussion, art making, yoga, reiki and more.  Providing resources and referrals as needed. 

  • Everyone deserves to be held and seen especially during a major life transition.

*Services offered on a sliding scale, trade, pay what you can.*

Birth Support 

Birth Support Package 

  • Emotional, physical, and mental support during the perinatal time.

  • Minimum 2 prenatal sessions and 2 postnatal sessions offered via zoom or in person to prepare/review birth preferences, comfort measures, coping techniques, expectations, advocacyfourth trimester planning , and newborn care.

  • On-call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks of pregnancy until birth.

  • Attendance and continuous support during your birth 

  • Additional calls available for breath work, hypno-birthing, yoga, birth art processing.

Birth and Postpartum Support Package

* Everything listed above with additional 8 hours of hands on postpartum support. 

*For current pricing and availability connect here. 



"From our very first consultation, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders—her calming energy, empathetic listening, and knowledgeable guidance turned my anxiety about childbirth into excitement and confidence."
- Julia Mom of one.

Postpartum Support

Daytime Postpartum Package

  • 1 Prenatal post virtual planning session 

  • Minimum of 15 hours for daytime supportShifts typically 3-4 hours long. 

  • Help with newborn care, baby wearing, lactation, feeding

  • Processing from birth experience. 

  • Support offered via zoom, text, phone call, email and in person

  • Meal planning, prepping and cooking. 

  • Establishing self care rituals like herbal bath and sitz baths

  • Light cleaning and organizing. Encourage protective rest and restoration.

  • Traditional belly binding offered learned through  Partera, Tema Mercado

Overnight Postpartum Package 

  • 1 Prenatal post virtual planning session 

  • Minimum of 3 overnights - Usual shift 8-10 hours :  10pm -6am or 10pm -8am

  • Care emphasis on protected sleep for family

  • Lactation and feeding support offered through the night.

  • Sitz bath preparation and belly binding available 

* For current pricing and more information connect here


Her post natal visit was invaluable - having a baby for the first time is full of unknowns and it helped having someone to check in on the baby but more so on me and my mental well-being. "- Natasha Mom of 2

Postpartum Ceremony

Across the globe communities honor the first 40 days, 60 days, or even years after birth in very sacred and unique ways. With a common theme of honoring and caring for the mother and child to achieve optimum health in mind, body and spirit for both people and the family as a whole. Below you will find a postpartum ritual inspired by multiple cultures, and traditions. I give the utmost respect to the people and lineage of these wise ancestral teachings. I learned this ceremony from Nubia Martin, a traditional Midwife in Yonkers, NY and founder of Birth from The Earth & Earth Groundz. 


Seven Step Postpartum Ritual 


1.Cleansing Herbal Bath 

2. Yoni Steam 

3. Laying of Hands Massage 

4. Closing Ceremony 

5. Belly Binding 

6. Feast /Nourishment 

7. Celebration/Dance 


This ceremonial celebration is uniquely designed and catered to your needs as an individual and family unit.  Omitting, adjusting and/or adding steps, traditions and ideas into the ceremony is allowed, welcomed and encouraged. 


Often times another birth worker is present to help facilitate the ceremony. If you’d prefer to not have another person present, please specify to me. Close friends and family are welcome during the latter part of the ceremony. 

Lactation Support


  • Certified Lactation Counselor providing 1:1 Sessions in home or virtual 

  • 60 - 90 mins session over Zoom or in person, providing resources and referrals as needed

  • Individualized care. Discussing expectations, and creating a plan for nursing and feeding goals.

  • Troubleshooting common lactation premature babies, twins, struggles, with latch issues, painful feeds, or low milk supply.

  • Planning and navigating back to work flow, pumping, storage, combo feeding and bottle feeding

Connect here to get started today ! 

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